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Celebrating Autism Successes

Join us in celebrating 4 stories of success in Autism Connections!

Autism Successes Happen Every Week at Judson Center Did you know that our Autism Connections clients experience important successes every week? Since celebration is a fundamental value for us, we know it’s essential to acknowledge the good things in life. That’s why we celebrate minor and major achievements within our Autism Connections program at Judson […]

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Family Preservation Workers Build Solutions for Parents at Judson Center

Keeping Families Together is at the Heart of Our Work Judson Center has been well-known for caring families for nearly 100 years. But, did you know we also actively support families in need with family preservation efforts? Our Family Preservation programming offers families resources to help nurture a home where children and parents can thrive. […]

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Integrated Care is Gaining Momentum

Integrated Care providers work together to coordinate the care of each patient

When more and more people are struggling with mental health challenges the integrated healthcare model is gaining in popularity as a successful method of treating the whole person in an effective and easily accessible manner. What is Integrated Care? Simply put, integrated care occurs when physical and behavioral healthcare professionals team up to provide complete […]

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Same Day Mental Health Care at Judson Health

Patients can call to receive Integrated Care Services

Providing Mental Health Services When People Need It Most We believe you no one should have to wait when they need essential mental health care. To support this belief, the Judson Center Behavioral Health team now offers Same Day Open Access intake appointments at our health clinic located at the Warren, MI location. How Does […]

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Embracing Autism: The Move to Autism Acceptance

Embracing a child with autism

What Does Acceptance Feel Like? As children, many of us felt the warm welcome of a cardigan-clad host who invited us into his neighborhood and gave us a taste of acceptance. At the end of an episode, Mr. Rogers would say with a genuine gaze, “You’ve made this day a special day, by just your […]

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Autism Acceptance: Everyone Can Foster Inclusion

The multi-colored infinity symbol is symbol that represents the spectrum of autism

Judson Center Supports Acceptance and Inclusion Autism Acceptance is front and center throughout April, but at Judson Center, acceptance and inclusion are a foundation for our programming. When a child or young adult with autism enters services with Autism Connections, they are offered a place where they can come and thrive as their whole neurodivergent […]

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Recognizing Employee Appreciation Day at Judson Center

Judson Center celebrates Employee Appreciation Day!

2023 Employee Appreciation Day Our employees at Judson Center and Child Safe Michigan are the fuel behind everything we do. In this job of serving others, they often work behind the scenes, after hours, and without thanks, to make sure the children, adults and families in our care have all they need to thrive. This […]

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We Have To Flip the Script on Men and Mental Health

It's Time to Flip the Script on Men and Mental Health

“I’ve learned to deal with it. I don’t want to be a burden. What if people see me differently? I’m embarrassed. I don’t want to look weak. I don’t have anyone to talk to.” This is what men have to say when it comes to prioritizing their mental health. Studies show that although 1 in […]

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