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Embracing Autism: The Move to Autism Acceptance

Embracing a child with autism

What Does Acceptance Feel Like? As children, many of us felt the warm welcome of a cardigan-clad host who invited us into his neighborhood and gave us a taste of acceptance. At the end of an episode, Mr. Rogers would say with a genuine gaze, “You’ve made this day a special day, by just your […]

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Autism Acceptance: Everyone Can Foster Inclusion

The multi-colored infinity symbol is symbol that represents the spectrum of autism

Judson Center Supports Acceptance and Inclusion Autism Acceptance is front and center throughout April, but at Judson Center, acceptance and inclusion are a foundation for our programming. When a child or young adult with autism enters services with Autism Connections, they are offered a place where they can come and thrive as their whole neurodivergent […]

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