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Celebrating Autism Successes

Join us in celebrating 4 stories of success in Autism Connections!

Autism Successes Happen Every Week at Judson Center Did you know that our Autism Connections clients experience important successes every week? Since celebration is a fundamental value for us, we know it’s essential to acknowledge the good things in life. That’s why we celebrate minor and major achievements within our Autism Connections program at Judson […]

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Meet Gavin – How We Support Teens with Autism

MEET GAVIN! A supportive sous chef. A sideline football fan. A rising Roblox engineer. A helping hand to all in need. A teen with Autism. Autism doesn’t define Gavin or what he is capable of. If anything, he is a shining reminder that teens with autism can do anything. With the love of his family […]

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Why Daytime ABA Services May Be Better For Your Child

Circle Time at Judson Center

Crazy Schedule? We Can Help! As the school year begins, schedules tend to fill up quickly. There’s no doubt that the appointments associated with caring for a child seem to only grow with each passing year. It can become stressful to even imagine adding another commitment to the calendar. But, a packed schedule doesn’t have […]

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Routine Appointments and Autism

For children with autism, the doctor's office can be overwhelming. Practicing ahead of time helps them feel comfortable.

Routine Appointments Are Not Routine for Young People with Autism Many of us may not like to go to the dentist or the doctor, but we go and for the most part, it is pretty routine. However, for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) an everyday situation like a regular appointment can be a […]

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Outdoor Sensory Activities from Judson Center

Children jumping as an outdoor sensory activity

Summer is Here What better way to make the most of beautiful weather than with engaging outdoor sensory activities from Judson Center? The flowers are blooming and the weather is warming up, so it’s time to get outside. No matter where you live, the outdoors offers the perfect environment to grow, explore and meet important […]

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Embracing Autism: The Move to Autism Acceptance

Embracing a child with autism

What Does Acceptance Feel Like? As children, many of us felt the warm welcome of a cardigan-clad host who invited us into his neighborhood and gave us a taste of acceptance. At the end of an episode, Mr. Rogers would say with a genuine gaze, “You’ve made this day a special day, by just your […]

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Autism Acceptance: Everyone Can Foster Inclusion

The multi-colored infinity symbol is symbol that represents the spectrum of autism

Judson Center Supports Acceptance and Inclusion Autism Acceptance is front and center throughout April, but at Judson Center, acceptance and inclusion are a foundation for our programming. When a child or young adult with autism enters services with Autism Connections, they are offered a place where they can come and thrive as their whole neurodivergent […]

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5 Ways to Help Kids Grow Social Skills from Autism Connections

children make friends after school

Social Skills Matter A key part of a child’s healthy growth is their social development. Early on, parents learn the importance of supporting their child’s social intelligence by helping them form positive friendships and build interpersonal skills. Still, many children struggle with relationships at a young age and parents often have concerns. When a child […]

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Winter Sensory-Friendly Activities From Autism Connections

Winter Family Fun to meet sensory needs

Is it STILL winter? The holidays and winter months can leave us feeling many things – some people are tired and burnt out and others are relaxed and excited for things to come. After the rush of the holiday season, parents can feel a bit stir-crazy when stuck at home with kids on cold days. […]

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Sensory-Friendly Holiday Tips From Judson Center’s Autism Connections

Making Holiday Wishes Come True for Families in Need

‘Tis the season to be…overwhelmed? The holidays can be a wonderful season of sharing special moments with family, friends and neighbors. But, for children and youth with Autism the holidays can be a source of stress. Many young people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder thrive on quiet, calm and routine. The holidays, however, are often […]

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