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Integrated Care is Gaining Momentum

Integrated Care providers work together to coordinate the care of each patient

When more and more people are struggling with mental health challenges the integrated healthcare model is gaining in popularity as a successful method of treating the whole person in an effective and easily accessible manner. What is Integrated Care? Simply put, integrated care occurs when physical and behavioral healthcare professionals team up to provide complete […]

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We Have To Flip the Script on Men and Mental Health

It's Time to Flip the Script on Men and Mental Health

“I’ve learned to deal with it. I don’t want to be a burden. What if people see me differently? I’m embarrassed. I don’t want to look weak. I don’t have anyone to talk to.” This is what men have to say when it comes to prioritizing their mental health. Studies show that although 1 in […]

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Working To Destigmatize Talking About Mental Health

Melissa Peters, Director of Behavioral Health at Judson Center, discusses mental health and suicide prevention with Jackie Paige of WWJ News Radio 950 on “I’m Listening” podcast.   Part 1 – Melissa discusses Judson Center’s role in Behavioral Health and the importance of providing these crucial services for our children and youth.   Part 2 […]

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Coming Back Home – Southeast Michigan prepares to manage post-Covid mental health issues

  Original article written by Josh Landon and Jack Nissen of Fox2Detroit. DETROIT – While many are welcoming the return to normal with coronavirus restrictions lifting, the old new-normal won’t be so easy for everyone to adapt to. The pandemic inflicted trauma on many and the consequences on mental health are yet to be determined. But they […]

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