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Judson Center Family Health of Warren

We don’t just think kids should have that kind of home and family life but also access to great health from an exceptional team of doctors. That is why Judson Center opened Judson Center Family Health. We strongly believe every child deserves those things.

Judson Center was founded in 1924 with the goal of providing family-focused services to preserve families and aid in foster care and adoption. From the very beginning, Judson Center has operated under the powerful belief that every child should have a safe, permanent, caring family with which they can grow up and evolve into contributing members of their respective communities.

Judson Center Family Health: A Combined Practice

Judson Center Family Health is a combined practice in a few key ways. First, our family health clinic is the result of a partnership between Judson Center and MedNetOne Health Solutions. Our family health clinic is where people can seek both primary healthcare as well as behavioral healthcare.

Judson Center Family Health is designed to help children of all ages with trauma-informed doctors and nurses. From children who have autism spectrum disorder to kids attempting to overcome a traumatic event, adults with age-related health concerns and more, our goal is always to help our patients achieve their optimal physical and mental health.

The Services We Provide

As you’d expect from a health clinic that supports patients throughout their lives, our family health clinic provides an array of healthcare services. Here are some of the services we’re proud to provide for the members of our extended community, young, old and in between:

  • Preventive services
  • Treatment for chronic and acute illnesses
  • Annual physicals
  • Check-ups for school and sports
  • Childhood healthcare
  • Vaccinations
  • Behavioral healthcare

What Sets Family Health Apart

When you walk through the doors of our doctors’ office, you’ll instantly sense that it’s different. Our long-standing, unwavering commitment to the people we share our community with is one thing that sets us apart.

Our team approach to healthcare also makes family health different from others. When you seek care from us, you’ll work with a team of dedicated professionals who will labor tirelessly to help you get and remain healthy throughout every life stage.

Unlike some other area clinics, Judson Center Family Health accepts a wide array of health insurance. We even accept Medicare and Medicaid for the convenience of patients who have those coverages.

Family health makes it easy to get the primary and behavioral healthcare you or your loved ones need by being open six days per week. Monday through Thursday, our clinic is open from 8:30am until 8:00pm. On Fridays, our family health clinic opens at 8:00am and closes at 5:00pm. Judson Center Family Health Clinic is open to treat emergencies on Saturdays from 8:30am until 12pm.

Make an Appointment Now

Our family health clinic treats new patients as well as existing patients whenever they have a physical or behavioral health concern. For attentive medical care provided by a team that’s committed to your well-being, make an appointment today.