Raising Mental Health Awareness - Judson Center

Raising Mental Health Awareness

As Autumn rolls through, we feel hints of coldness (Well, let’s face it. Sometimes it’s smack in the face type coldness) and we are reminded of darker days ahead…literally. So, no. It’s not hard to believe that colder weather and darker days can affect people’s moods.  And of course, a lot of things that can affect one’s mood…the weather, seasons, grades, death, family, friends, success, failure, bills, money, and something called depression. Depression can be tricky. Sure, we can do things to help manage it ourselves. But ultimately, we may not be in control of when it creeps in and affects life. The difference between a sad mood and depression can be difficult to explain, but an important question to ask yourself if you’re wondering is: Is my mood impacting other areas of my life? My social life? My job? My love life? If any of the answers to those questions are yes, then it may be time to take a little closer look at your mood. Depression can be scary. It can feel lonely, even when you’re surrounded by people. It can feel like there’s no good reason to be a part of this world anymore. It can feel like not having any energy to get out of the house. (This is where the cold and dark days of Autumn and Winter may not help.) It’s important to be aware of our mood and if we are doing things differently than we do other days. It’s also helpful to be aware of the things that helps improve our moods and actively try to do them, even if it’s hard. Although it’s not always as simple as putting on a sweater or turning on a light to make things better. Always know that things will get better. There’s hope. There’s help. Judson Center offers behavioral health services with people that care at 3 locations: Warren, Royal Oak, and Redford. Please call 586-573-1810 with any questions or to make an appointment.

Other helpful numbers:

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Macomb County Crisis Line: 1-855-927-4747

Wayne County Crisis Line: 1-800-241-4949
Oakland County Crisis Line: 1-800-231-1127