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Same Day Mental Health Care at Judson Health

Providing Mental Health Services When People Need It Most

We believe you no one should have to wait when they need essential mental health care. To support this belief, the Judson Center Behavioral Health team now offers Same Day Open Access intake appointments at our health clinic located at the Warren, MI location.

How Does Open Access Work?

The Judson Health team provides same-day and next-day intake appointments to help those facing mental health challenges find the help and hope they need as soon as possible. This new offering is just another way that our health clinic offers person-centered, compassionate care right when community members need it. Potential patients interested in starting their mental health journey can call and be given an appointment slot on the same or next-day depending on open-access available hours.

Why Is This Model Important?

The Open Access model breaks away from the traditional approach of calling for services and waiting, often for long periods of time, for an intake appointment. This approach to Behavioral Health Care is important because when someone is at a stage where they need counseling, they are more likely to follow through if they can get in for an appointment quickly and without hassle. According to Jamila Stevens, Director of Integrated Care Services with Judson Center, “If people have to wait for a long period of time, usually that desire or ability to come in for services evaporates. You really want to be able to provide a service when a person is ready, so it meets them where they are.” Open Access moves the consumer into a mental health treatment plan sooner and removes the chance that they may change their mind if they have to wait too long.

When Does Judson Family Health Offer Same Day Open Access Appointments?

Woman receiving an intake at her mental health appointment

Open Access is available every Monday and Thursday from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM  at 12200 E. 13 Mile Road, Suite 200, Warren, MI 48093. During these designated times, new clients can call the office at 586-573-1810 to secure an intake appointment on the same day or the next day. New patients are welcome to walk in during Open Access hours but are encouraged to call ahead.

Behavioral Health Care for the Community

Judson Health has been working toward Open Access since it was awarded a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) grant in 2020. With help from external experts, it formulated and fine-tuned its strategy over time and operationalized the model in 2022. The team is optimistic that in the future it can expand the hours offered and continue to serve even more community members in need of mental health support.