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Lahser Respite Home For Children

It doesn’t matter how young or old the person you’re responsible for is. Caring for someone who requires an inordinate amount of care can be overwhelming. Whether you’re tending to a child who has a physical or developmental disability or you’re responsible for an adult who has physical limitations or developmental difficulties, caring for your loved one can be tedious and exhausting.

At Judson Center, we work with people of all ages who have physical and developmental disabilities. We see the struggles they face and we help them develop skills to overcome those challenges. And then we send our patients home.

While we work with many individuals for weeks, months or even years, and we have the pleasure of seeing a lot of them often during that time, our sessions with our patients have an endpoint. As the primary caregiver for someone who has physical or developmental disabilities, your “workday” never ends as it relates to your loved one.

Respite Home

Although caring for a child living with a disability is inherently challenging, you can find temporary relief. Lahser Children’s Respite home provides families with a break from the day to day stresses of caring for a child with a disability.

Judson Center is proud to offer children’s respite care at Lahser Children’s Respite Home, which is located in Beverly Hills. Our respite home is without barriers. Only highly trained, caring professionals work at our respite home. Our staff members are attentive and aware of the specific needs each one of our guests has.

When your child is a guest at Lahser Children’s Respite Home, they will receive personalized care. Our staff members work with our child guests to improve their skills in several key areas, including homemaking, language development, social skills and participating in group events. Our guests also go through both educational and recreational programs to ensure they continue to grow, learn new things and mature during their stay at our welcoming respite home.

Take a Well-Deserved Break from the Day-to-Day

We know it can be hard to leave your child in the hands of someone else. We also know that tending to your child isn’t the only thing you want and need to do. Life calls even the most dedicated caregivers in different directions at least from time to time. Now that you’ve found out about Lahser Children’s Respite Home, you’ll be ready, willing and able to answer the call the next time life rings you.

When you let the highly skilled experts at our respite home care for your child, you’ll be able to fully engage in other things because you’ll know that your little one is in talented, capable hands. This knowledge will give you the peace of mind that’s necessary to reboot, recharge and pay attention to the many other areas that constitute your life.

For more information about Lahser Children’s Respite Home and the individualized care children receive, please contact the Home Manager at 248-646-1297.