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Respite Care

Respite Care

Find time to unwind so you can get back to being a family.

Parents and guardians of children who are medically fragile or have developmental disabilities can be overwhelmed with the continuous care required for their loved one. It can also be very difficult to find quality care to support the caregivers when they need a break or must attend to other family needs. Judson Center’s Respite Care provides temporary relief by providing parents and caregivers with a much-needed break from the day-to-day stresses that come with caring for a child or adult with a developmental disability or physical impairment.

Judson Center provides children’s respite care at Lahser Children’s Respite Home in Beverly Hills. Our respite home is barrier-free and staffed by well-trained, attentive and compassionate individuals who pay attention to the specific needs of each guest. During their stay, each child is given individualized personal care and supervision based on their specific needs, with a concentration in the areas of homemaking, language development, social skills, orientation to community participation, and applicable behavior plans. Educational and recreational programming is provided in order to ensure continued growth for the children under our care.

For more information, please contact our Home Manager, Maria Torres at (248) 646-1297.

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Our Respite Care team are a highly trained, experienced, and caring group of professionals who create a safe, family environment perfect for your loved one. Let us help you be the best caregiver possible. Contact us today.

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