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Employment Services

Employment Services for Adults and Teens with Disabilities in Metro Detroit

Founded in 1924, Judson Center has been helping southeastern Michigan residents ever since. We’re as committed to serving area residents now as we were when we opened our doors for the first time nearly a century ago. In fact, our dedication to serving the members of our extended community grows deeper with each passing day.

We Offer Employment Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

Throughout the years, we’ve added locations and various programs so we can serve our neighbors even better. We created our employment services programs to provide employment assistance for persons with disabilities. We look to aid individuals and help match then with an employer.

We firmly believe that anyone who wants to work should be able to do so. That’s why we created our employment services programs. We’ve seen that employment success is often achieved when the right opportunity presents itself and workers have the supports they need to thrive.

With that in mind, we approach job development and placement in two separate ways. Regardless of the approach that’s best for you, we’ll start by assessing your skills and interests so we can help you secure employment you’ll enjoy.

Traditional Placement

Traditional placement services are typically appropriate for people who have the skills and/or experience that are required to fill a given position. When an employment opportunity aligns with a person’s skill set and/or experience, we’ll help the candidate complete an application and assist with the preparation of the individual’s resume.

By advocating with prospective employers, we’re often successful at securing interviews for the people we work with. We’ll follow up with employers to ensure they’re still considering the candidates we send their way. If you receive a job offer, we’ll help out with the on-boarding process and provide workplace supports for at least the first 90 days you’re employed.

Customized Employment

We created our customized employment program to create employment opportunities in instances where a candidate’s skills or experience will enable the individual to perform some but not all of the tasks required by a given job. In cases like this, we work with an employer to customize the role our candidate is attempting to fill so that it aligns with the person’s skills more closely and precisely. This helps the candidate be more successful and productive, which benefits the individual as well as the person’s employer.

The goal of our customized employment program is to build the foundation for long-term relationships between employers and the new employees who go through our program. We’ll provide support for however is necessary to ensure our candidates are successful in their professional roles.

Summer Work Experience Program for Teens

We help provide employment assistance for individuals of all ages, including teenagers living with a disability. Our summer work program is designed to help teens who have disabilities get work experience just like their peers do during the summer. We work with local employers and the State Vocational Rehabilitation offices to develop paid work opportunities for the young adults in our program. Once they’re employed, we provide workplace supports for our candidates throughout the summer.

To learn more about our employment services and programs, contact or visit Judson Center.