Skill Building For Teens and Individuals with Disabilities - Judson Center

Skill Building For Teens and Individuals with Disabilities

At Judson Center, we’re committed to caring for the well-being of the people who live in our extended community. In addition to providing primary and behavioral healthcare services, we offer various programs that are meant to enhance the lives of our neighbors in meaningful ways. It doesn’t matter how old or young one of our southeastern Michigan neighbors is, we’ll do everything we can to ensure the person is physically and mentally well throughout the individual’s lifetime.

Judson Center is here to help individuals with disabilities, as well as teens, develop the skills that are necessary to get the most out of life. We’re also aware that even when they have the basic skills, some people need to refresh their skills from time to time or work to improve them even more. For these reasons, Judson Center offers skills training for persons of all abilities.

The skills we teach individuals are often identified by the people we work with. Some of the skills we teach may involve attire, etiquette and socialization.

Soft Skills Training

In today’s connected society, it’s not enough to only have the technical skills to get a job done. Now, you have to have the soft skills to complement your hard skills in many instances if you want to enjoy prolonged employment with the same organization. Time management, the ability to work as part of a team, being able to sustain healthy relationships and communication are just some of the soft skills many employers expect employees to have.

Our soft skills training consists of a 15-hour course that teaches 10 key skills to the members of small groups through teaching and interactive exercises.

Vocational Skills

This type of training is intended to prepare people for work. Our vocational skills training will get you ready to pursue and secure employment as you move forward. This training can also enable you to keep your job after you become gainfully employed.

Non-Vocational Skills

The non-vocational skills training offered by Judson Center is meant to teach people skills that aren’t based on a particular job or industry. Rather than readying you for a professional position, the non-vocational skills we’ll teach you will help you be more fully engaged and active in the community we’re proud to share with you. Our non-vocational training usually takes place in community settings that allow course attendees to practice the skills they pick up.

This skills training course will provide instruction about developing an array of skills that can benefit you throughout your life, in both home and work environments. Here are some of the skills we’ll discuss during our non-vocational skills training program:

  • Safety skills
  • Socialization skills
  • Interpersonal skills