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Employment Services

Employment Services

Judson Center’s Employment Services program exists to promote growth, opportunity, and independence for individuals by developing inclusive, community-based employment options.  We believe persons achieve their best employment success when provided the right opportunity along with individualized supports corresponding to their skills and needs. Our approaches to job development and placement fall into two main categories:  Traditional Placement and Customized Employment.

Traditional Placement

An assessment of an individual’s skills, abilities, and interests serves as the foundation of any job search.  In some instances, our job development efforts reveal an employment opportunity that aligns very well with a person’s overall skill set.  Additionally, each of the key duties associated with the position appear to fit well within the individual’s capabilities and/or experience.  Where this is evident, we assist in the application process that often involves developing a resume as a companion document to be submitted. Advocacy with the prospective employer helps secure the initial interview.  Follow-up is instituted where necessary to promote ongoing consideration. Upon receipt of a job offer, we remain available to assist with the onboarding process (paperwork, orientation, and workplace supports for at least the first 90 days of employment).  

Customized Employment

The Customized Employment program is designed to personalize the employment relationship between the job candidate and the employer.  When an individual’s skill sets do not fully align with 100% of a job’s key duties and responsibilities, a different approach is necessary.  For example, perhaps only 3 of 5 key duties of a position fit well with an individual’s capabilities. In this instance, we would explore possibilities of customizing job responsibilities that focus on the 3 duties aligning with the person’s strengths, abilities, and interests.  Doing so enhances not only personal success, but also optimizes productivity gains for the employer. Once employed, we remain available to assist and support both the individual and employer in establishing a foundation for a long term employee-employer relationship. The length of ongoing supports will vary based upon the individual’s progress and needs.

Summer Work Experience

Young persons with disabilities need the same experiences as their age group peers when it comes to gaining work experience.  Through participation with the State Vocational Rehabilitation offices in our areas, we develop paid work opportunities with local employers and then provide workplace supports (job coaching) for high schools students during the summer months.  

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Please contact Jenipher Guerin at 248-837-2079 or jenipher_guerin@judsoncenter.org