Michelle O'connor Teklinski on the ROCC Podcast - Judson Center
Autism Awareness
Michelle O'Connor Teklinski on THE ROCC Pod


Today, we find ourselves turning the calendar from National Disabilities Awareness Month (March) to Autism Awareness Month (April). Our team thought it would be the perfect time to meet Michelle O’Connor Teklinski, who has just joined the Judson Center.

Michelle tells us how the pandemic brought her home to Metro Detroit and the perfect opportunity at Judson Center.  Then, we get into a discussion about autism.

Michelle walks us through the diagnostic process, how it works, and what’s next for a child who is diagnosed.   We cover available resources all the way up through employment opportunities for adults with autism.

Judson Center’s April campaign is “Bring Autism to Light,” represented by the color blue.  Michelle explains the campaign and sponsorship opportunities.

We cover how COVID-19 has affected the work of Judson Center, including the advantages and challenges of E-learning and telehealth.   Michelle also shares some success stories of program participants.