Don’t hesitate, be the voice today – advocate! 

Let your voices be heard in Landing as the landscape of funding is decreasing drastically for vitally needed programs in our community that today includes mental health care

Your voice can make a big difference for all individuals; children, adolescents and adults who are diagnosed with a mental health disorder.  Right now, Governor Snyder has proposed to privatize Mental Health in his 2017 FY budget recommendations. 

Help us deliver a very important message to Michigan legislators:  Remove Boilerplate 298 from the Governor’s budget.

Boilerplate 298 will shift public funding and delivery mental health service to private corporations. 

Simply put, instead of state and local agencies providing quality services for more than 300,000 Michigan residents in behavioral health, substance abuse, and care for the developmentally disabled populations, provision of these services would be handed over to private, for-profit HMOs.  This will result in the largest cut to mental/behavioral health services in Michigan’s history - $300 million!

February 2016: Governor Snyder’s 2017 FY budget recommendations have been released and contain Boilerplate 298 which negatively impacts Mental Health services in Michigan for our most vulnerable population. Boilerplate 298 would result in a $300 million cut to services, the largest cut to behavioral health services in Michigan’s history.  This change would drastically impact more than 300,000 Michigan residents who receive valuable services through the public mental health system.

“Boilerplate” language at the end of Governor Snyder’s 408-page executive budget bill, Section 298, calls for carving in behavioral health

Michigan’s public mental health system is considered to be a carve-out service model. More specifically, it allows for the public mental health system to provide specialty mental health services not offered by traditional Medicaid Health plans.  Examples of specialty services include assistance with housing, employment, transportation, community inclusion, and case management to name a few.  A publicly operated system reinvests resources back into services, and aggressively seeks out and serves the needs of vulnerable community members with complex cross-system needs in contrast to a for profit health plan. benefits to the health plans by the end of fiscal year 2017, which ends September 30, 2017.

Today:  Help deliver a very important message to Michigan legislators: Remove Boilerplate 298 from the Governor’s budget. 

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Use the power of social media: Just share our message and any stories you may have on the importance of mental health care and ask others to contact their Lansing lawmakers to Remove Boilerplate 298 today!

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