“JudsonCenter has PHENOMENAL caseworkers. They fought for the kids to be with us. I felt like they really cared about our children. They fought every day for us to have custody of them.”

Successful adoptive parent

Founding officer of the Michigan Chapter

Your Responsibilities

Judson Center foster parents open their homes to children in need of a safe and loving home until they can be returned to their biological family or placed with a permanent family. The foster parent’s primary role is to support the agency’s efforts in reuniting a child with his/her birth family. Foster parents provide support by meeting children’s medical, dental, educational, social, and emotional needs. This may include transporting a child to visits between them and their birth parents (when appropriate), taking a child to counseling (as needed), and working closely with the foster care case manager.

Children may stay in the foster home for several days, weeks or months – perhaps even a year or longer – while the birth parents are working to resolve the issues that brought the children into foster care in the first place.

 Adoptive parents and adopted daughter

Are you qualified to be a foster parent?

  • Age
    Must be over 18 years of age
  • Marital Status
    May be married or single
  • Income/Employment
    One or both parents may work

    Must have an adequate child care plan
    Income must be adequate to meet your own family’s needs
  • Housing
    May own or rent

    Must be adequate bedroom space (40 square feet per child)
    Must be free from health and fire hazards
    Must have a safe play area for children
    Must have a telephone
  • Health
    A medical examination is required for each household member

    A TB test is required for each household member over the age of 3
  • References
    Three (3) non-relative character references are required

    References from all birth or adoptive children are required
  • Good Moral Character (required for every person in the home over the age of 18)
    Criminal Clearance

    Protective Services Clearance
    Previous licensing record check
    Fingerprint Clearance
  • Homestudy
    Home visit(s) required

    Personal interview with every member of the home required

Due to the nature of the work we do, Judson Center upholds the privacy of the children, adults and families we serve. Therefore, photos and names may be changed to protect identity.