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Judson Center Draws Attention to the Need for More Foster Parents During National Foster Care Month

    Farmington Hills, MI – May is National Foster Care Month, and according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, an estimated 10,000 children are in the state’s foster care system on any given day. The nonprofit human services agency Judson Center is asking people to open their hearts and homes to become foster parents.

Judson Center’s Child Safe Foster Care program recruits and educates foster families, guides them through the foster care process, and ensures children can thrive in nurturing, safe environments. The program also works to strengthen the biological families and reduce barriers so their children can one day safely return home.

“The ultimate goal of foster care is to work very hard with the biological parents to reunite them with the child,” said Judson Center President and CEO Lenora Hardy-Foster. “That’s not always easy to accomplish, but that’s why we work with all the parties involved — the child, the foster parents, and the biological parents — to minimize the trauma for the child and provide him or her with the love and stability that every child deserves. “

Currently, Judson Center is recruiting all families to foster, particularly those who can provide loving homes for older youth, siblings and children with higher needs. The agency’s Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program focuses on older youth who require more individualized care and treatment due to behavioral, emotional or medical challenges. TFC parents undergo specialized training and receive additional supports and services.

“We work very hard with prospective foster parents to educate them about the children in the foster care system who are awaiting homes,” said Judson Center Director of Foster Care and Adoption Michelle Carlton. “Plus, we often get asked about the criteria and the application and screening process for becoming a foster parent. Our expert and compassionate staff will guide them every step of the way, not only through the training, licensing and orientation, but also throughout the foster care placement. We also have some very helpful FAQs on our website that will help individuals decide if fostering is right for them.”

Additionally, Judson Center is hosting a free, virtual session on Wednesday, May 31st at 6 p.m. to provide information on the foster care process. Foster and adoptive parents will be on hand to answer questions from participants. Register to learn more.

For more information on Judson Center’s foster care program, call (248) 549-4339 or visit the Judson Center website.


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