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Social Skills Clubs

Autism Connections social skills groups provide a fun and engaging environment where children and teens living with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can socialize with their peers, gain social and conversational skills, increase their social confidence, and build friendships. Our social skills clubs follow three distinct themes: curriculum-based special-interest groups, and recreational/incidental.

Curriculum-based clubs:

These clubs, primarily for our elementary age participants, present a weekly curriculum featuring a social skill lesson. These lessons practiced through a variety of fun and interactive activities.

Special-interest clubs:

These clubs focus on a particular interest or activity and use that shared interest as the focal point for building social skills and interactions.  This model tends to be particularly successful with our teens, who want to make friends and interact with those who share similar interests to themselves. (Jr Gamers, Gamer’s Club)   Contact us about our skill-building programs!

Upcoming Clubs:

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