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Planned Giving

Judson Center has been creating better lives and brighter futures for children and families in our community for over 86 years. By leaving a planned gift to Judson Center you can help support our work for generations to come.

A properly drafted will or other planning giving devise can minimize estate costs and taxes, ensure that you property is managed the way you want, and provide for your spouse, children and grandchildren. You may be surprised to learn that your will can also be a flexible way to help keep the critical work of Judson Center moving forward after your family’s needs have been met. 

Ways You Can Make a Planned Gift:

Bequests are ways to include a gift of cash, life insurance, securities, or real estate in your will. This is the simplest way to make sure your intentions are realized.

Annuities allow you to make a contribution and receive income during you lifetime while enjoying the tax advantage of charitable giving.

Life Income Plans are a sophisticated and flexible way to make a gift while providing income. You may qualify for an immediate charitable tax deduction, reduce estate tax and avoid or reduce capital gains tax. The most popular are Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trust and Charitable Remainder Unitrust.

Retirement Assets that remain after your lifetime are not always transferrable through a will and subject to estate tax as well as income tax. Naming a non-profit as the beneficiary may be advantageous. All that is required is to name the non-profit on the beneficiary line. 


 For more information regarding planned giving please contact Erika Jones at erika_jones@judsoncenter.org.

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