Wish List

In addition to monetary contributions, Judson Center accepts items that can be used by families who are our clients. These donations will make a difference in the lives of those who we are privileged to serve.

Other than food, personal care items, and cleaning supplies, which should be new, we ask that ALL other other items be new. As of April 13 2018, we no longer accept used items.  

For brochure: Judson Center's Wishlist

For questions or drop-off information, please contact Peggy Kerr at 248.837.2019 or peggy_kerr@judsoncenter.org 

We accept the following NEW items:

For Babies (0-12 Months).

· Baby Wipes

· Baby Swings

· Bassinets

· Blankets

· Books

· Bottles and other feeding supplies

· Car Seats (not expired)

· Clothes (new, onesie, coat, shirt, pants, socks, etc.)

· Diapers (all ages and stages)

· Diaper Bags

· Diaper Changing Stations

· Diaper Cream

· Formula

· Toothbrush and Toothpaste (non fluoride)

· Strollers

· Swaddles

· Sippy Cups

· Pacifiers

· Teething toys

· Pajamas

· Preemie diapers

· Preemie clothes


Donated Items/Services:

· Pre-paid gasoline cards

· Pre-paid grocery cards

· Tickets to museums, sporting events, the zoo, etc.


For our Office:

· File folders

· First-class postage stamps

· Note pads


For Children and Teens:

· Art Supplies

· Back-to-school supplies

· Clothing 

· Electronic games for all ages (toddlers to teens)

· Exercise saucers

· Holiday-themed treats and gadgets

· New outdoor toys

· Puzzles

· Sports equipment, including balls for various sports

· Toys (new)

· Personal care products: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, feminine supplies, deodorant, nail polish, etc.


 For the Home:

· · Bed clothes: sheets, blankets,    comforters and pillows (new)

· Cleaning supplies: bleach,         dishwashing soap, sanitizer

· Couch covers

· Dinnerware (non-breakable)

· Food items (non-perishable)

· Kitchen supplies: foil, plastic wrap, serving spoons, storage and garbage bags

· Laundry supplies: dryer sheets, stain remover, detergent

· Towels for bath and kitchen.


***When making a donation of goods and/or services, please fill out the Gift in Kind form below.  You can mail the form to the address provided at the bottom of this form or bring it with you when you make your donation.  Thank you for your support to Judson Center!

For Form: Gift in Kind Form

Due to the nature of the work we do, Judson Center upholds the privacy of the children, adults and families we serve. Therefore, photos and names may be changed to protect identity.