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Skill Building

Skill Building

Working together to develop successful lives from youth to adulthood.

Skill building services are intended to develop and/or maintain general skills for community engagement and future employment where that goal is identified by the individual.  Specific skills training may entail attire, etiquette, communication, problem solving, safety, and socialization. These services are largely delivered in community based settings that encompass a diversity of persons without disabilities.

Soft Skills Training

In today’s working environments, we have seen that employment success and longevity often is not merely one’s ability to perform the essential functions of a job (i.e., technical or “hard” skills).  Many times “soft” skills are critical determinants in a sustained employment. Soft Skills would include the following: interpersonal relationships, basics of communication (both verbal and non-verbal), time management, managing priorities, and teamwork.  

Judson Center has developed a 15 hour curriculum that covers 10 critical soft skills and is delivered in a small class environment; the curriculum will be a combination of teaching and interactive participation.  These trainings have been provided in schools, community settings, and on our campus.

Vocational Skills

These are delivered for work preparatory purposes.  Services are provided in community settings and involve both non-profit and for profit employers.  The objective is to build skills that contribute to one’s readiness to pursue and obtain employment in the future.  

Non-Vocational Skills

These services support one’s goal to be fully active and engaged in their community.  Socialization, interpersonal abilities, and safety are examples of the skills training within this service offering.  While some brief training material may be covered in a facility setting, the settings are predominantly in the general community where skills can be utilized and practiced.  

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