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Judson Center's Vocational (employment) Services program exists to promote growth, opportunity and independence for individuals with disabilities by developing inclusive, community-based employment options.   We believe each individual can achieve personal success given the right opportunity and supports.  Through Judson Center's innovative programing, we do just that - provide inclusiveness and independence. 

The Judson Center Vocational Services Difference:

Soft Skills Training:

In today’s working environments, we have seen that employment longevity is not necessarily based on whether an individual can perform the essential functions of the job.  Skills like interpersonal relations, time management, problem solving and teamwork are critical factors in maintaining a job.  

Judson Center’s Soft Skills Training Program helps to provide practical examples and simple to use tools to learn these skills with a vocational focus. This program, in partnership with Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) will empower and teach individuals across the disability spectrum.

Since implementation in 2016, the Soft Skills Training Program has contributed to positive outcomes and successful employment placements.  With continued effort these classes could be the key to increased job placements with shorter job development time and less need for an extensive transition period.

Customized Employment:

Judson Center is a partner in the Customized Employment program through Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority (OCCMHA) and Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS).  

The Customized Employment program is designed to personalize the employment relationship between the job candidate and the employer so that the needs of both are met.   It is based on an individualized match between the interests, experiences and skills of the job candidate and the identified business needs of the employer. Key components of the program include the Discovery Process that results in a Written Profile, Paid Internship for Experience, Skill-Building, and Employer Reference; Customized Supported Employment Placement; and Job Analysis, Training, Coaching and Facilitation of Natural

“Customized Employment reflects the spirit of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which is to provide employment opportunities to individuals with the most challenges to employment,” said MRS Director Suzanne Howell. “The collaboration between Oakland County Michigan Rehabilitation Services and Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority is an example of innovative partnerships that combine resources to expand employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.”Eligibility Requirements:

Eligibility Criteria for Customized Employment:
 People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities served by OCCMHA (primarily MORC and/or CLS)
Eligible for MRS services
Want to work for 12 hours or more each week
Want individual, community based integrated competitive employment
Require supported employment services to achieve this goal.
For more information about Judson Center’s Disability Services Vocational programs and partnerships, pelase contact Brad Ewing at 248.549.2087 or bradford_ewing@judsoncenter.org.






Due to the nature of the work we do, Judson Center upholds the privacy of the children, adults and families we serve. Therefore, photos and names may be changed to protect identity.