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Living with purpose, fulfillment, and dignity.

For more than 30 years, we have been supporting individuals lives with dignity, purpose, and fulfillment. Through understanding each person’s strengths, abilities, and interests, we serve and support their pursuit of meaningful engagement and personal contribution.

Through a person-centered and strengths-based approach, our services are tailored to meet the needs of the person in pursuit of individualized goals.

Our Staff

At Judson Center we know that success for each individual served is possible when the appropriate level of support is combined with the right opportunity.

Michelle O’Connor-Teklinski

Director of Autism and Disability Services


Michelle earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University and a Master of Social Work from Wayne State University. She is a graduate of the National Leadership Institute on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Delaware, holds a LMSW in the State of Michigan with both clinical and macro designations, and is a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Provider.

Prior to joining Judson Center, she served as Executive Director, Statewide Autism Services, at Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Hope Network, where she managed the Center for Autism at five locations and developed a partnership with Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and the College of Research, Autism, Intellectual and Neuro Development Disorders to support diagnosis and research of autism. Michelle also worked for Beaumont Healthcare System’s Center for Exceptional Families (CEF) in Dearborn, Mich., where she advanced in a variety of roles, starting from social worker, case manager, and manager of physician practices, to serving as associate director and director.

Community Service Partners

The best outcomes typically come from effective collaboration with like-minded partners.  Judson Center works with community mental health, state vocational rehabilitation, and public education entities to deliver integrated and meaningful supports for persons served.

Those partners currently include:

Oakland Community Health Network
Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network
Macomb County Community Mental Health
Macomb Oakland Regional Center
Community Living Services
Easterseals of Michigan 
Guidance Center
Development Center 
Michigan Rehabilitation Services in both Wayne and Oakland counties

Bureau of Services to Blind Persons
School systems across Wayne and Oakland counties


Disability FAQ

Judson Center partners with the community mental health and state vocational rehabilitation sectors to provide vocational services designed to help your son/daughter obtain and maintain employment.

We have qualified staff to work with you in identifying your strengths, skills, and abilities that relate to specific jobs or industries.  Based upon the job goal identified, we create a plan of action that spells out each of our responsibilities. Contacts are made with employers to identify current openings and arrange for your participation in the application and interview process leading to a job offer.  Upon hire, we can provide additional services as needed to support you in the new work setting.

We provide services to youth and adults with disabilities.  Those served/supported have included persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, mental health, visual and hearing impairments, and physical mobility limitations.  We work collaboratively with community mental health networks and providers in Oakland and Wayne counties, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Bureau of Services for Blind Persons, and school systems.

We can provide guidance and employment help. Please contact Jenipher Guerin at 248-837-2079 or email jenipher_guerin@judsoncenter.org for more information.

Disability Services Resources

Service Locations

For more information:

Please contact Sue Salhaney at (248) 837-2015 or susan_salhaney@judsoncenter.org