"There were like hundreds of people wanting particular children so it depends on need," Willow said. "If a child has very high medical need, there are usually only a few families that apply. So children with less needs, there were more families."

Judson Center adoptive parent

Founding officer of the Michigan Chapter

Foster Care

The philosophy of Judson Center’s Foster Care Program is that every child is entitled to grow up in a permanent family. During the time a child is placed in foster care, Judson Center works with biological families to strengthen the family unit and reduce barriers in order for children to safely return home to their biological families. If it is determined that children cannot safely return home to their biological families, Judson Center searches for alternative permanent placement to ensure a child grows up in a permanent family.

Judson Center recruits and trains families from the community to provide loving and temporary foster homes for children who are separated from their biological parents due to a variety of circumstances such as abuse and neglect. Judson Center foster parents are dedicated individuals who recognize the value of family and the healthy development of children. All of our foster homes are licensed through the State of Michigan and foster parents receive on-going training and assistance in order to successfully meet the needs of the child(ren) placed in their home.

Judson Center’s Foster Care Program is comprised of foster care and licensing specialists. Our foster care staff work with families in a variety of ways: They assist children and families with achieving permanency, provide referrals to families, assist families with accessing community resources, and support children and families involved in the foster care system. The licensing specialists recruit individuals to become foster parents, assist with becoming licensed foster parents, and provide ongoing training to prospective and current foster parents. 

For more information about foster care, please contact 313.255.8272 or foster_care@judsoncenter.org

Due to the nature of the work we do, Judson Center upholds the privacy of the children, adults and families we serve. Therefore, photos and names may be changed to protect identity.