"When we started this whole thing, I really felt deeply like I had this vision of these two children in my heart," Willow said. "We are the ones who believe we're lucky. They're doing more for us than we're doing for them. It's not just us doing the giving. They bring so much joy and so much laughter. We're definitely enriched."

Successful adoptive parent

Family Reunification Program

Judson Center’s Family Reunification Program (FRP) serves families residing in Wayne County who are reuniting after an out-of-home placement of one or more of their children. Our goal is to help families achieve independence, stability, and to reduce the risk of future Child Protective Services (CPS) involvement and future removal of children for out-of-home placement. 

As part of FRP, families receive therapeutic intervention and case management from a Master’s level Team Leader and a Bachelor’s level Family Worker.  Our team meets with families in their homes, using a strength based/solution focused approach relevant to their children and family’s needs.

How can someone receive Family Reunification Program Services?

Families must be referred by DHHS Foster Care staff or Private Agency Foster Care staff.  Referring workers must possess the court order, allowing the return of at least one child following their stay in out-of-home placement (licensed relative or foster home, residential or psychiatric treatment facility, or detention (if dual ward). Children must not be returned home more than 48 hours prior to the FRP referral. The planned return of the children to the home must occur within 30 days of the referral to FRP.

How Can People in the Community Get Involved?

•Donate goods or services to families in need.  Many of the families we serve are in need of basic home items.

•Volunteer to sponsor a fundraiser or item drive for kids or families in need.

•Tell others about the Family Reunification Program and the services it provides!

To make a program referral or find out more information, please contact Ayanna Harris, FRP Program Manager, at ayanna_harris@judsoncenter.org or 313-794-5653.


Due to the nature of the work we do, Judson Center upholds the privacy of the children, adults and families we serve. Therefore, photos and names may be changed to protect identity.