“Love on your kids while you have them. Be patient. The process takes time. You only have a small amount of time with them. Love on them every minute of that time."

Successful foster parent

Families First

Families First of Michigan offers families intensive, short-term crisis intervention and family education services in their home for four to six weeks using the Families First of Michigan model. Workers are available and accessible to the family 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The workers assist families by teaching, modeling and reinforcing parenting

Families First of Michigan’s primary goal is for your family to remain together safely in your home. Families First of Michigan provides support to children and families in the community.  The primary purpose of the Families First of Michigan program is to prevent children from being placed in out-of-home care due to abuse, neglect, delinquency, adoption disruption or crises that create an imminent risk of removal. Families First of Michigan helps families to identify support structures and resources that provide the family with the means to effectively address future crises that may arise as a result of the multiple challenges they face. In turn, the children are taught to recognize the support structures that may serve them for the rest of their lives.

Families First of Michigan believes that:

  • Parents and children should remain together 
  • Parents should be supported in their efforts to care for their children 
  • Crisis is an opportunity for change and growth. 

Families First of Michigan Philosophy:

  • Children have a right to their family.
  • The family is the focal point of child welfare services.
  • Our first and greatest investment is for the care and treatment of children in their own homes.
  • The family is the fundamental resource for the nurturing of children.
  • Parents should be supported in their efforts to care for their children.  
  • It is in the best interest of children to remain with their families in the absence of compelling evidence to the contrary.
  • Families are diverse and have a right to be respected for the unique cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious traditions that make families distinct.

How can someone receive Families First of Michigan Services?

Families must be referred by DHS-Child Protective Services/Foster Care or a Domestic Violence Shelter and must have at least one child age (0-18).  

  • Macomb County Referral, please call 586.994.7994
  • Wayne County Referral, please call 313.550.0077

How Can People in the Community Get Involved?

  • Give a Families First of Michigan brochure to someone working to keep their children.
  • Donate goods or services to families in need.  Many of the families we serve are in need of basic home items.
  • Volunteer to sponsor a fundraiser or item drive for kids or families in need.
  • Tell others about the Families First of Michigan and the services it provides!


Due to the nature of the work we do, Judson Center upholds the privacy of the children, adults and families we serve. Therefore, photos and names may be changed to protect identity.