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Disability Services

Disability Services

Disability Services

Group Homes
This was Judson Center’s entrance into creating our Developmental Disabilities Center of Excellence. In keeping with our commitment to children with developmental disabilities , who are now adults, we have six groups homes located throughout Oakland County.


Respite Care
24 hour per day; 7 days per week care of a loved one with special needs is exhausting and takes a toll on parents .Judson Center’s response in 1986 was to develop respite care homes. These homes were designed for children with disabilities to stay for short periods of time in order to give the parents and caregivers time to recharge or to tend to other pressing needs within the family. Today, Judson Center provides respite care at its Lahser Respite Home in Beverly Hills, its Macomb Respite Home in New Baltimore, and the Rose F. Kennedy Respite Home in Westland. The Rose F. Kennedy Home provides care for both children and adults.


Vocational Services
Judson Center believes that being a part of the community is much more than living in a neighborhood. In 1986, Judson Center launched its first workforce development program. It was a supported employment program based on the philosophy that everyone, no matter what their disability, has abilities that will allow them to work in the community. Today, Judson Center takes pride in the fact that it offers vocational services throughout Oakland and and Wayne Counties and supports over 250 individuals in community employment.


Supported Independence
Judson Center's Supported Independent Living Program (SIP) gives adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness in Oakland County the opportunity to live in their own apartments or homes with the proper support.


Judson Center Grosse Pointe
In 2010, Judson Center acquired The Foundation for Exceptional Children in Grosse Pointe. Vocational services are offered in partnership with the Grosse Pointe Public Schools and Community Mental Health. In addition, we also provide an array of social skills groups and a summer program for children with autism and other disabilities. Not only has the mission of former Foundation for Exceptional Children been preserved, but the number of individuals served and the types of services offered are also growing.


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