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Judson Center had been serving children since 1924, and had committed its resources and staff to keeping families together beginning in 1984. Judson Center was perfectly positioned to extend its services to parents of children with severe emotional disturbances given this commitment and its core competency of “serving families”. To date, Judson Center has served well over 1500 families experiencing these challenges.

In keeping with Judson Center’s commitment to responding to community need, in 1995 in-home family treatment was launched in Macomb County to provide parents of children diagnosed with a severe emotional disturbance with guidance in understanding their child’s uniqueness and coaching in parenting.
Through in-home family treatments, a team of professionals comes to the family home and works with the child(ren) to develop skills that will facilitate their ability to be successful not only in the family home, but in school and in the community. The team teaches parents tools modifying their child(s) challenging behavior and increasing positive behaviors that will result in success within the child’s environment. The team is also equipped to provide individual, couple, and family therapy as indicated.

In the last five years, through a grant from the Flinn Foundation and another through Macomb County Community Mental Health, Judson Center has added dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), trauma focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), and motivational interviewing (MI) to our array of interventions. DBT teaches individuals skills that help individuals manage their mental health and MI is an intervention that is successful for individuals who in addition to their mental health concerns have a substance abuse issue.

A psychiatrist supports the multiple teams of social workers that work in the family homes through conducting psychiatric evaluations and prescribing and monitoring medications.

Judson Center also offers outpatient counseling for children and adults through individual, couples, and family therapy. Many do not need the intensive intervention that in-home family treatment provides. For some that will never be an appropriate level of involvement. For others they have participated in the intensive in-home experience, and learned tools to manage their circumstances, but now need support at a less intense level.


Early intervention services are also available through this center of excellence. We recognize that children experiencing positive learning experiences early in life will avoid mental health issues later in their lives and research shows that they grow up healthy and become productive citizens. Children learn social skills and competencies by playing and interacting with others in a controlled environment. These are then transferred to their real world successfully. Simultaneously, their parents learn parenting skills and receive coaching in what it takes for kids to grow up healthy. Early intervention is all about prevention.


Judson Center’s Behavioral Health Center of Excellence is growing and evolving and expected to continue to do so. In anticipation of health care reform and the principle of integration of physical and behavioral health becoming a cornerstone of wellness, Judson Center is partnering with a wide variety of health care providers even further.


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